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Diam Media x Phlebhub
Diam Media x Phlebhub Graphic
Diam Media x Phlebhub Graphic



Phlebhub Institute of Professional Development was started by a group of passionate healthcare workers with the combined mission to train, prepare, and develop the next generation of phlebotomists. Their online course dramatically improves the accessibility standards to entering the healthcare field. Diam Media stepped in early in the developmental process, inherently recognizing the potential this course could have on aspiring healthcare workers. Diam Media worked closely with the team at Phlebhub to develop a strong brand identity and reach a broader audience. 


- Advertising + Social Ad Buying
- Wed Development
- Social Media Management
- Insights + Data Analytics
- Media Production


Diam Media x Phlebhub Website Design

Strong web development was crucial for Phlebhub, since it would be the face of the brand to many incoming students. We continue to work closely with Phlebhub to optimize their website for the growing enrollment rates we've seen in the past few months.

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